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Decompression sickness has been the suspected cause of the post-dive symptoms of brain injury in breath-hold divers for a long time, and the quest for the proof of culprit has been ongoing, but without success. In the meantime, many possible explanations of neurological symptoms in breath-hold divers were proposed,…

38 Heart Beats x second.

This is called Bradycardia. It´s part of the mammalian dive response that every mammal organism has and it hits at the moment you go into the water,in particular when you submerge the face in the fresh water and you hold your breath. You have it as a heritage, and you don´t need to learn anything to take…

Diving with autism? Pay attention to Simon

16-year-old Simon Alejandro has autism and is non-verbal, so communicating is hard. But when he dives he feels relaxed and more focused, and he’s really good at it. His dad helps him share his underwater adventures on Instagram to promote the benefits of swimming and diving for those with autism

I´m Just a Shark

Many people and many among freedivers are currently engaged in Sharks conservation. It makes a lot of sense, with the experience and knowledge we have know. You can Dive and interact with them, and they are not a menace at all, they are beautiful and majestic creatures. We are now far away from the 70´s…

A short film about Johanna Nordblad. Under ice freediving. Breathtaking

I´ve been finding these different videos where freediving is shown as a therapeutic tool. I certainly resonate with this. Freediving is indeed a therapeutic practice. Norblad came across the sport after a horrific bike accident and tried cold water treatment to make sure she didn’t lose her fractured leg.  


This video is not what the blog is about but it fits perfect with the name 🙂